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Freshlook Colorblends

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Freshlook Colorblends
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Product Info

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology for a naturally beautiful look, whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Even if your vision is perfect, experience a fresh, new look that's always you.

3-in-1 Color Technology Gives Your Own Natural Beauty A Boost

  • Outer Ring - Defines the eye

  • Primary Color - Transforms the eye color

  • Inner Ring - Brightens and adds depth

FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS  is the first coloured contact lens to blend 3 colours on one lens to create a totally natural result.
Advanced colour technology blends three colours on one lens. 

3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends create the most natural looking eye colour change ever. Each colour is specially blended for the mostcolorblends realistic look with hazel around the pupil area and a charcoal outer colourburst pattern. 

They are available in Blue, honey, Green, Grey, Turquoise, Pure Hazel, Amethyst, True Sapphire and the latest additions Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue & Gemstone Green.

Freshlook Colorblends are designed to be worn daily for up to one month or up to 30 times over a longer period for occasional wear, as long as they are properly cleaned and handled.

All colours represented are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye colour.

Freshlook Colorblens colour range

Why Choose Freshlook Colorblends

  • A great way to naturally enhance the colour of their eyes
  • If you are looking to subtly or noticeably change the colour of their eyes
  • A coloured lens from Alcon for all day moisture and comfort
  • Available in 12 colours
  • Available in a wide range of prescriptions
  • Available in plano (no prescription - for people who just want to change their eye colour


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Rated 4.1/5 based on 426 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Best so far

I have been using fresh look colourblends for at least 10 years and they have not let me down yet. They are very comfortable and the colours look realistic. I'm a black African woman and I have had all sorts of people walk up to me to compliment my eye colour and they have been stunned every single time I say they are coloured contacts. It has definitely made poor vision more exciting for me.

By from Accra, Ghana on 07.03.2020 00:47

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My fave contact lens brand

I have been using fresh look colour blends for many years, they look so natural and feel very comfortable. Since using fresh look colour blends this is my top lens brand and have never used anything else. I would highly recommend this product especially of you have dry eyes.

By from London on 07.03.2020 14:41

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Best lenses for all the right reasons.

I have used these lenses on and off for the space of five years, sometimes I have the impulsion to have blue eyes for a month or two. usually I just wear the standard Biofinity lenses which itch, dry and irritate my eyes quite often. however, when I use the freshlook color lenses, I can wear them for an entire month - 6 weeks without any problems at all. I often forget I am wearing them, they are also so durable that I have never had any problems keeping them in for an extra week at the beginning of a new month. Above all the comfort and lense quality, the look of them are so natural. on a few occasions people have asked me "you're eyes are stunning!" and I admit, they are stunning to look at. the colours are so natural but bold. I absolutely love these lenses.

By from Manchester on 08.12.2016 05:20

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Excellent service, but...

Very impressed with the speedy delivery!
I bought the grey lenses for the prom next week, tried them on as soon as I got them through the post. I`ve only put the lens into my right eye so I could compare the difference.
My natural eye colour is dark brown. And I`ve got to say, the grey doesn`t show up that well at all. It`s not noticeable, which is disappointing, as it looks stunning in the pictures on the website!
I`ve read some reviews on these lenses before I bought them; some people found them larger than others and they tend to move around, giving blurred vision. They`re also very soft (hence floppy), making it very difficult to put them in. I`ve experienced the same problems, and they`re not the most comfortable to wear... I`m glad I tried them out before the prom, or I would have to put up with blurred vision without a worthwhile result!
Having said that, it doesn`t hurt to try them out at �£6 per lens. It`d probably give better results for those with naturally lighter eyes...

By from London on 04.03.2010 17:39

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Wouldn`t buy again

As per the other reviews these lenses are enormous - after putting them in the lens moved each time I blinked causing blurred vision. Couldn`t wear them for long at all and binned the rest - waste of money.

By from Peterborough on 28.02.2010 21:52

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I purchased a pair of freshlook colourblends they are absoloutly excellent no harm whatsoever i can see clearly it is very easy putting them in and the colour stands out no doubt about it its brilliant and i recommend it anyone !!!!!!

By from Uk on 27.02.2010 13:50

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Didn`t fit properly

Excellent service and fast delivery but the contacts themselves left much to be desired!
They looked fake and made my pupils look wonky.
I have blue eyes and bought the hazel ones, the colour waas fine but I let them settle, gently massaged my eyelid in a circular motion and still they looked wonky. :(
I have just ordered a different brand from here instead though. :)

By from Essex on 25.02.2010 22:47

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freshlook colorblends

they are amazing..very comfy to wear, soft and the colors are very natural.i have brown eyes and i bought the green and grey ones.they look natural.i love them!! thank you for this site i can order without a prescription from the usa..thank you again..sylvia from the usa

By from Wisconsion ,usa on 23.02.2010 17:06

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Ok firstly...The colour brilliant blue is amazing on my dark brown eyes. It makes them look so blue and natural too! Beautiful indeed. I was using the daily fresh colours and they were 5/5, then I decided I wanted something more natural! Hmm...It`s softer and more fiddly than the daily ones, VERY VERY SOFT and Kinda hard to put in cus it`s THAT floppy!
It`s comfy to wear and doesn`t make my eyes dry up!

By from UK LOndon on 19.02.2010 15:46

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My Favourite Lenses

I have dark green eyes, I use the Brilliant Blue ones. They look amazing. Everyone comments on my eyes, they don`t ask if I am wearing contacts, they just say I have really nice eyes. Yay!
The Gemstone Green are also very good, as even though my eyes are green, most green lenses don`t have any effect, but these make my eyes look lighter green, which is what I want.
I was disappointed with the Amethyst, they hardly made any difference to my eye colour.
They are comfortable and vision is great.
Can`t live without them!

By from UK on 18.02.2010 18:05

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i ordered a pair of sterling gray lenses and they look brilliant ! they turned my eyes into a dark shade of gray i have to say i love it the only part that was horrible was getting them in and it was partly blurry at the bottom and was slightly irratating but i got used to it!

By from London on 18.02.2010 12:17

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very good

By from Unknown location on 16.02.2010 20:07

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Best service and fantastic looking eyes

I have ordered coloured lenses from this site for 3 years now.always fast delivery,usually next day.Every time i wear them i get so many fabulous comments and get noticed by lots of strangers.I have hazel eyes and usually buy the sapphire blue as it makes my eyes look natural but bright,brilliant with my black products ever and best price around!!!!

By from London UK on 10.02.2010 16:11

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Fresh look colored contacts

I am very pleased with my lenses. I have dark grey/green eyes n I ordered brilliant blue and gemstone green. They look natural, without being such an obvious change, i will definately purchase some more different colours! They really enhance my eyes and great for nights out

By from Lincolnshire uk on 05.02.2010 12:14

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Very happy with my new contacts

I have recently purchased several pairs of contacts from this range and am very pleased with the results. The first pair I purchased were the honey coloured ones which completly changed my blue eyes to a lovely shade of light brown and gave my eyes a bit of a `twilight` look. A few weeks later I purchased three more pairs which were green,sterling grey and saphire blue. The green are very subtile and give my eyes a very natural looking colour which quite a few people have commented on positively. The sterling grey contact turn my eyes a great shade of dark grey almost like a pewter colour but still very natural looking. I haven`t tried the blue ones yet but will report back on my findings. The fit of these lenses is very good with only occasional slight slippage but this is a small price to pay for the natural subtility of the colour you get. I am very pressed with these lenses and wouldn`t hesitate to buy another pair.

By from Chester (U.K.) on 18.01.2010 12:07

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Takes some getting used to.

I`ve been wearing soft monthly contact`s for years, now, and thought I`d give coloured contacts a try.
I`ve tried amethyst, sapphire, and gemstone green. My eyes are fairly dark, and the amethyst wasn`t even noticeable - I was dissapointed. But the sapphire and gemstone green are two gorgeous, striking colours.
The lenses do take getting used to - I don`t find them particuarlly comfortable, and for a day or so my vision was blurry with them.
But overall, a great accessory to have when you want to make a statement.

By from Norwich, UK on 14.01.2010 20:21

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The Best

I have been using lenses from this site for over 3 years now. Must say, their coloured lenses are the best. I love the hazel ones. And they`re cheap too. Not to mention VERY fast deliveryyy. Would give it more than 5 stars if i could.....

By from Aberdeen, Scotland on 14.01.2010 03:05

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Sterling Grey

I have green eyes and put in the sterling grey coloured lenses, got them in after lots of faffing and blurred vision, and it didn`t look an different, until I went into natural light and then they look magnificent. Really recommend for the colour, although comfort isn`t great. No pain no gain.

By from Nottingham on 13.01.2010 12:12

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Amethyst Lenses

I have light blue eyes and fancied a change so ordered a pair of amethyst and they look AMAZING! They are slightly larger than my own iris so make my eyes look really big with a lovely dark violet to the outside fading back to my own colour around my pupil. I will definately be buying some in different colours. Only small downside is a very slight blurring around the outside of my vision but that went after an hour or so as your eyes adjust.

By from Colchester on 13.01.2010 10:38

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I bought Gemstone Green, Turquoise & Grey (:
Turquoise and Grey show up really well, completely changing my eye colour (medium brown) to a noticable yet natural colour.. they`re better than i thought they would be. The Gemstone Greens are really wonderful too, they show up really well and brighten my eyes up.

By from Manchester, UK, on 12.01.2010 17:09

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They`re good, but had a little trouble putting them on, and there big :( how come they dont come in other sizes? ?????

By from York on 08.01.2010 14:22

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By from BIRMINGHAM, UK on 05.01.2010 18:02

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I tried them out for my prom last year in grey and they were really what I was looking for. I`ve had bad experiences with coloured contacts where they didnt fit my pupil correctly and moved everytime i blinked but the colour blends feel really comfortable and I now buy a pair every month and use them every day. I would definitely recommend it to first time colour contact tryers :)

By from London, UK on 02.01.2010 23:00

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