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Freshlook One Day

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Freshlook One Day
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Product Info

New Freshlook One Day daily coloured contacts are a daily disposable coloured contact lens that combines the comfort and performance of Alcon's Focus Dailies contact lenses with the cosmetic appeal of Freshlook Colorblends. You can now change your eye colour on a daily basis, whilst benefiting from all the comfort, convenience and health benefits of daily disposable contact lenses.

FreshLook┬« One Day┬« contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology for a naturally beautiful look, whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Even if your vision is perfect, experience a fresh, new, coloured look that's always you.

3-in-1 Color Technology Gives Your Own Natural Beauty A Boost

  • Outer Ring - Defines the eye

  • Primary Colour - Transforms the eye colour

  • Inner Ring - Brightens and adds depth

FRESHLOOK ONE DAY colored contact lenses blend 3 colours on one lens using advanced colour technology to create a totally natural result.

3-in-1 FreshLook One Day create the most natural looking eye colour change ever. Each colour is specially blended for the mostcolorblends realistic look with hazel around the pupil area and a charcoal outer colourburst pattern. 

They are available in Blue, Green, Grey and Hazel

*All colours represented are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye colour.

Why Choose FreshLook One Day

  • Daily disposable coloured contact lens
  • Blends 3 colours on one lens to create a totally natural result
  • Offering subtle yet complete eye colour change
  • 69% Water content for all day comfort and hydration
  • Great for people who want to change their eye colour on occasions
  • Manufactured by Alcon


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Rated 3.7/5 based on 51 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

the most comfortable colored contacts

I have dark brown eyes. Got the hazel ones and they made my eyes brighter, lighter hue and bigger. Love them.

By from Denmark on 02.01.2019 18:53

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very comfortable

I have extremely dark eyes so I did not know if these lenses would make any difference but thought I would try for a change - if they were comfortable then they are worth a try!
They are extremely comfortable for one, and they add a very slight difference to my dark eyes (I bought green). It is as though my eyes have had delicate highlights. I do not look like an alien with bright green eyes as other makes have made me look. People have noticed how bright my eyes look but have not noticed a change in colour. I would definitely buy again.

By from Doncaster UK on 03.07.2015 10:19

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Quality, comfort & service is perfect

very comfortable, nicely packaged and the colour is perfect, gives you perfect vision without knowing they have a colour.

By from Manchester, UK on 04.03.2020 11:35

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Great lenses

I regularly wear these. I find the grey is the best for dark skin. However i would say that in a pack, at least two out of the 10 will be useless. not sure why but i find this is the case. its still good value so i dont mind this but have extra just in case.
Also the delivery service is brilliant!

By from London on 17.10.2012 11:17

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Not comfortable no blue eyes

I have dark brown eyes, ordered blue lenses, now my eyes somethink like brown-dark grey, but not blue. First 2 hours was like in the fog, after my eyes was dry, red and sore. But delivery was really quick to Ireland . Not really happy.

By from Ireland, Co. Offaly on 12.10.2012 20:40

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blkgirl loves them

I've worn coloureds be4 and thatz all i wear, ordering from this site was the best ever cnt wait to order more. its been a blur for almost 2 months an now i see the light wow, i'm so happy, i wish i lived in the uk i'd be gettn them everyday just to stock up lol

By from USA on 24.09.2012 22:53

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Hazel lenses on grey/blue eyes don't work.

I Bought these lenses as I've always wondered what I'd look like with brown eyes. My natural eye colour is a turquoise/grey, so I went for the hazel lenses. I was REALLY disappointed with the results. My eyes still look the same colour, with a *SLIGHT* tint of light brown that's only there if you're specifically looking for it. Nobody has noticed any difference at all, not even my girlfriend! I had to point out to her that I was wearing coloured lenses and her response was "really?...I can't tell any difference at all".
Maybe they're designed to just enhance your natural eye colour (i.e. hazel to brighten up dark brown eyes?), but from what I'd read on the site, and the photos, I was expecting a change of eye colour, which it did not deliver.
They are very comfortable to wear though.

By from UK on 16.08.2012 09:57

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Nice color, super fast delivery!

I ordered the lens yesterday and received it today, I'm very impressed with the service and delivery. I have very dark brown eyes and the green color work great, comfortable to wear and it makes my eyes look bigger.

By from Oxfordshire on 21.07.2012 10:58

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Total waste of money!

If there was a no star option for these I would give it. I bought the blue lenses to put into grey eyes. I put the left one in and looked in the mirror. There was absolutely no difference between the eyes in colour even though the right one had no lens in at all. I have had great results with other brands
Pointless waste of money. Dont make the same mistake.

By from St Albans on 17.07.2012 18:22

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5 stars for delivery! I've got my item in two days... Thank you!

By from London, UK. on 12.05.2012 20:26

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You get what you pay for.

I have previously bought a pair of 30-day Freshlook coloured contact lenses. When I first tried them they weren`t very comfortable to wear, so instead wearing them 30 times I only wore them twice. Then Halloween last year I bought Freshlook coloured contact lenses again, but this time 10x 1-day disposable ones which I thought would make a difference, but it didn`t. Still very uncomfortable. But as I bought so many pairs I thought I would have to use them up at some point, so for my colleague`s leaving do I wore a second pair, as before still uncomfortable, but this time one of them actually split into two halves while still in my eye. I had them in for about two hours and my right eye stung so badly that I couldn`t keep it open at all. Went to the ladies and saw one half of the grey lense in my eye. No sign of the other half, so I thought it must`ve fallen out already. Left the ladies, still couldn`t keep my eye open, so went back into the bathroom and after a long rubbing, pinching and moving my eye ball around I finally found the other half. At that point my face was covered in tears and make-up all over. What a good start to a night out............

By from Southampton on 13.03.2011 11:26

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I`ve been able to wear these about 10 hours (through work etc) before my eyes start to dry.
I have dark brown eyes, Green makes my eyes a bit fake, Grey people need to take a second look, but i like Hazel because they look natural and people just think i have really nice eyes :)

By from London on 15.02.2011 17:41

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Speedy delivery and very easy to use. I have very light eye colour but sadly the green contacts had a very limited effect on them. I may try hazel next time.

By from Unknown location on 14.01.2011 15:45

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did not change eye colour

arrived quickly. I have medium brown eyes, and the green did not show at all. I phoned, and was told, because I had opened the box, they would not give a refund. I explained that they were not fit for the purpose described, and was told that I should have gone to an optitians first to try them to see if they "worked" on me!! not happy at all.

By from Portsmouth on 14.01.2011 11:07

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Freshlook one day coloured lenses

Really impressed with how quickly the lenses arrived however was dissappointed with the colour. I ordered hazel lenses, I have green eyes and I couldn`t notice the difference. Would be nice to have very dark brown coloured lenses on offer.

By from Suffolk on 07.12.2010 13:49

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Colour not as shown

I have grey blue eyes so wanted to brighten the blue but these lenses made them darker and more grey. They where comfortable to wear.

By from London on 21.11.2010 17:43

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Fab site. Lovely contact lenses

I have green eyes so bought the hazel contact lenses.. altho my eyes didnt go as dark as i had hope for.. the hazel colour of the lenses looks really lovely. I will certainly be buying a few more and testing out some more colours! Also the delivery was fab.. second day and they arrived.. This is such a great site!

By from Ayr on 17.11.2010 21:24

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blue contacts in brown eyes

I bought these to change my eye colour as I do not require a prescription, unfortunately they do not do this very well. Close up you can see that my eyes are a different colour but it provides just a hint of blue and they are still pretty brown.
On the plus side these are very comfortable and I found them easy to but in even though I have never worn lenses before.

By from Plymouth, UK on 25.10.2010 13:43

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Beautiful colours, but not very comfortable

I have very dark brown/black eyes and tried the hazel contacts, which changed my eye colour well. But I found they made my eyes seem less deep set which I didn`t like, like my eyes were kinda popping out. And it took me ages to get them out because they were quite dry and you really have to pinch them out

By from London, UK on 15.08.2010 14:42

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Value for money comfy lenses!

Thought I would try these coloured dailies as I have astigmatism and their small diameter definitely feels a lot more comfortable than the larger diameter of others.
I tried Hazel first, surprisingly a lot paler than in the picture - luckily as I have green eyes you can still notice a colour change but not sure you would see a colour difference on darker eyes.
Overall good value and a cheap way to change your eye colour occasionally, I will be trying other colours in the range - when are they doing violet???!

By from Leeds,UK on 04.08.2010 10:36

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lewis P

these do not work, i have dark brown eyes and the blue have very little effect...waste of money!

By from Unknown location on 14.05.2010 18:46

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First time using this company and first time using this product! I cannot fault the fantastic service and as for the lenses I bought the grey and hazel and both look fantastic in! I will be buying the blue and green and will feeback again once tried all four. Thank you

By from South Ockendon, Essex on 21.03.2010 21:05

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One of my favs!

I`ve been using these for a few years but recently stopped cus I started using clear ones more often XD I love these coloured contact lens. Theyre moist and keeps my eyes healthy. I can wear them up to 13 hours or so without them getting dry and annoying. Blue and green are my fav ones. It`s great for expo events and cosplaying events. Just gives that extra boost in variety in the the eyes!
I recently restocked a couple boxes of blues n greens! They don`t have a natural tone to it and it`s easy to tell that I`ve wearing contact lens because of the black ring and colour combos. It awakens the eyes and make smy eyes look bigger because of the extra black ring around the outter corners. XD All time fav coloured dailies! They`re easy to put on and take out...Also I do prefer dailies rather than monthly ones...I`m never really good at taking care of monthly ones.

By from London UK on 16.02.2010 15:39

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