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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
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Product Info

Daily contact lenses are a great choice for anyone with an active life style, for occasional contact lens wearers and those new to contact lenses. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are particularly suited to contact lens wearers who have dry eyes as contain a built in moisturiser that is blink activated, each blink releases a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) from the lens surface to the eye this helps to stabilise the tear film and moisturise the eye for all day comfort.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contains Ciba Visions patented lightStream technology creating an ionic surface which helps prevent build up of protein, helping the contact lenses remain fresh and clear throughout the day. The materials Nelfilcon A with added PVA and a high water content of 69% allows plenty of oxygen to get through to your eyes. When you take in their reasonable cost of just of under £1.00 per pair per day it's no surprise why these lenses are popular with both Optometrists and contact lens wearers.

Why Choose Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Plus?

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort with Aqua release are a healthy simple solution for contact lens wearers, there is no cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting or storing of the lens, you simply wear fresh new lenses every day. they are also a great solution for sports men and women who prefer to wear glasses but want the convenience of contact lenses whilst participating in their favourite sport.

  • Fresh clean lens everyday
  • Great for occasional wear
  • Blink activated moisture release for added comfort all day
  • LightStream technology helps prevent the build up of protein
  • Handling makes handling the lens easier
  • High water content daily lens
  • Great price
  • One of the most popular daily lenses with great customer reviews

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 265 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Excellent Lenses

I have been using Focus Daily Lenses for a number of years. They are very easy to put in the eye and are very comfortable when wearing all day. With other lenses, I found that my eyes felt tired after working on a computer for hours but Focus Dailies All Day Comfort keep my eyes feeling in good condition even after wearing all day. My eyes have remained healthy and without problems despite having worn these contact lenses for many years (not continuously of course!) which is very important to me.

By from London on 04.03.2020 14:02

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Happy User

Excellent product that is easy to use and well packaged. No adverse effects and use for long distance sporting endurance events. easy to carry a spares to replenish over duration of event that can be 5 days long. Excellent product and excellent service!

By from Central UK on 07.03.2020 10:05

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Comfortable - can wear all day

I've tried several different brands of contacts and I find these the best. The cheapest ones on the website I found kept flipping out of my eye and were irritating to wear. These ones I can wear all day. No pain or discomfort. Thick enough that you can put them in easily whilst thin enough that they don't irritate the eye. And reasonably priced!

By from London, UK on 03.03.2020 12:19

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Simply the best

I have been ordering from this company for a number of years now. Husband wears the contact lenses and loves them. Never had a problem with this company and delivery is super fast keep up the good work. :)

By from Aberdeen uk on 14.03.2020 15:47

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Perfect fit

Loved these lenses alway delivered on time. Can wear for up to 12 hour comfy and hydrating. Fast delivery

By from Fife on 14.03.2020 15:30

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Great Value lenses

I have been using these lenses for years now and generally dont have any complaints. They are comfortable, easy to put in and take out.. the only issue i occasionally have is that from time to time they rip in my eye so it is a massive hassle trying to find the two halves in the eye! But I keep using them as i think they are good value. Great service from

By from France on 14.03.2020 13:38

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I've bought from the site for 5 years now and have always found them to be reliable and responsive. I only wish they had more brands of contact lenses as my optician keeps recommending lenses that I can't get on here!
Customer Support Replies: Pat of the strategy to retain market share at your Optometrists is to prescribe lenses that are hard or impossible to buy on the internet. This ensures that you will buy your future lenses from them and miss out on the savings that you could get online.
The larger companies take standard lenses and rebrand them, making it difficult for you to order online. We have a useful guide to rebranded lenses here:

By from London, uk on 14.03.2020 12:59

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Very comfortable

Easy to put in and very comfortable to wear

By from Hemel Hempstead on 14.03.2020 10:19

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Very good

Easy to put in, comfortable, never had any issues with them. Packaging and delivery always good quality and speedy too.

By from London on 14.03.2020 07:58

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Used for years

Comfortable lens and at a good price ****

By from Essex on 13.03.2020 22:19

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Comfortable all day

These contact lenses are the best i've tried. Comfortable all day with no eye drying.

By from Glasgow on 13.03.2020 19:12

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Excellent Customer Service & Delivery Times

I have been ordering my contact lenses from this company since 2014 and I have found them to be efficient and helpful on all occasions. Usually my order arrives within 72 hours of making my purchase and if there is going to be any form of delay I am notified immediately of that fact. I would highly recommend this company to any contact lens wearers!

By from London on 13.03.2020 18:35

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Good contact lenses

Good contact lenses in general. Can sometimes being broken out of the package however. Overall though a good product and would recommend.

By from London on 13.03.2020 15:29

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Simple, hygienic, easy to use

Conveniently packaged, ensure that I don’t wear my lenses too long being daily disposables.

By from Manchester on 13.03.2020 15:27

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Very happy customer

Very happy with these lenses. Comfortable and easy to use.

By from London Uk on 13.03.2020 15:09

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Focus Dailies (Alcon)

I have been using these lenses for around 6-7 years and find these do not dry out at the end of the day, especially if going out in the evening after work.
I have tried alternative but find some to sting or irritate my eyes.

By from London, UK on 13.03.2020 11:34

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Good lenses

They help me see much better, and arrive at a good time. Have been ordering from website for some time now, and will continue to do so. Great stuff

By from ISLE OF MAN on 13.03.2020 10:24

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My go-to contact lenses

I’ve been wearing these every day years and they’re so reliable - I found others quite scratchy or uncomfortable but they’re the best reasonably priced contacts out there in my opinion and I love how quick is in delivering - especially when you don’t realise you’re getting low, it’s no stress - sometimes so surprised how they can be that quick! Would recommend :)

By from London, UK on 13.03.2020 07:28

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I’ve been wearing these lenses for years, really comfy and I just forgot I’m wearing them.

By from Isle of man on 12.03.2020 23:03

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Great all day contact lenses!

Having been a contact lens wearer for many years I know how important it is to have a product that is both comfortable and easy to use. These lenses are the best that I've worn, simply because they're so simple to put in and I don't have to worry about them shifting or becoming dislodged during the day. As someone who has a very physical job this is a real bonus.

By from UK on 12.03.2020 22:41

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Great product and service

Comfortable all day - don’t even know I’ve got them in.

By from Dorset uk on 12.03.2020 21:43

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The process is so simple, delivery is quick and the customer service fantastic

I've used for years and the service is and has always been first class. The process of re-ordering is made almost effortless, the product is always with you really quickly and on the one occasion I had to contact someone re an order the service was friendly and first class.

By from North West on 12.03.2020 17:24

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First rate service

I have been using contact for several years now, they have always provided a rapid response to any queries or questions I have asked of them. I find the re-order service particular useful.
I would not hesitate to recommend them.

By from Bristol, UK on 12.03.2020 15:07

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