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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

30 Lenses per box

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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
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Product Info

Daily contact lenses are a great choice for anyone with an active life style, for occasional contact lens wearers and those new to contact lenses. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are particularly suited to contact lens wearers who have dry eyes as contain a built in moisturiser that is blink activated, each blink releases a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) from the lens surface to the eye this helps to stabilise the tear film and moisturise the eye for all day comfort.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contains Ciba Visions patented lightStream technology creating an ionic surface which helps prevent build up of protein, helping the contact lenses remain fresh and clear throughout the day. The materials Nelfilcon A with added PVA and a high water content of 69% allows plenty of oxygen to get through to your eyes. When you take in their reasonable cost of just of under £1.00 per pair per day it's no surprise why these lenses are popular with both Optometrists and contact lens wearers.

The Essentials

Manufacturer: Alcon/Ciba Vision
Brand: Dailies
Wearing Type: Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Power Range: +0.50 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -10.00
Base Curve(s): 8.6
Diameter(s): 13.8
Lens Material: Nelfilcon A (with added PVA)
Water Content: 69%
Oxygen Permeability: 26 Dt/k
Handling Tint: Yes - Blue Visitint
UVA/UVB Protection: No
Availability: 100% availability

Why Choose Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Plus?

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort with Aqua release are a healthy simple solution for contact lens wearers, there is no cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting or storing of the lens, you simply wear fresh new lenses every day. they are also a great solution for sports men and women who prefer to wear glasses but want the convenience of contact lenses whilst participating in their favourite sport.

  • Fresh clean lens everyday
  • Great for occasional wear
  • Blink activated moisture release for added comfort all day
  • LightStream technology helps prevent the build up of protein
  • Handling makes handling the lens easier
  • High water content daily lens
  • Great price
  • One of the most popular daily lenses with great customer reviews

Other Options

If you are wearing Focus Dailies All Day Comfort but want to change your lenses there are other options available, Dailies Total 1 and Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus are from the same family and the Acuvue range of daily lenses are very popular and although not the exact  fit as Focus Dailies it could be worth discussing the option with your Optometrist if you are looking for something different.

If you are looking to reduce your cost and still have a fresh, healthy daily contact lens then check out our Crystal Aqua Daily contact lenses 

We have introduced a new daily lens for dry eyes and even more comfort - Crystal Aqua Daily, at only £6.99/30 lenses. A great replacement for Focus Dailies - but 2/3 cheaper. We have had 1000's of customers successfully change between Focus Dailies All Day Comfort and Crystal Aqua Daily. 

Daily Lenses

Cost Per Month

 Cost Per Year

   Switch to Crystal Aqua and SAVE
   Focus Dailies All Day Comfort £29/30 pairs

Crystal Aqua Daily

£13.98/30 pairs


£171.24 per YEAR!

Can I Switch to Crystal Contact Lenses and Save Money?

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Good to Know 

Are Focus Dailies All Day Comfort a silicone hydrogel contact lens?

No, Focus Dailies All Day Comfort is not a silicone hydrogel contact lens. Nelfilcon A with added PVA and a high water content of 69% allowing plenty of oxygen to get through, plus the addition of Ciba Visions lightStream technology makes All Day Comfort help reduce dry eyes, meaning they are a great option for contact lens wearers who don't get on with Silicone hydrogel contact lenses or who are looking for a cheaper alternative.

How long Can I Wear Focus Dailies All Day Comfort?

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are designed to be worn once then disposed of, because you are wearing a fresh, new lens everyday you can wear daily disposable contact lenses up to 14-16 hours per day.
Each box contains 30 lenses so you will need 2 boxes for 30 days wear.

Are Focus Dailies All Day Comfort The Cheapest Daily Contact Lens?

No, although they are a lot cheaper than Acuvue daily contact lenses they are not the cheapest daily contact lenses, if you are looking for a cheap affordable daily contact lens then check out our Crystal contact lens range they come in as little as £13.99 per month and that's for 2 boxes of 30, so that's just 46.6p per day.


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Rated 4.8/5 based on 263 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Excellent Lenses

I have been using Focus Daily Lenses for a number of years. They are very easy to put in the eye and are very comfortable when wearing all day. With other lenses, I found that my eyes felt tired after working on a computer for hours but Focus Dailies All Day Comfort keep my eyes feeling in good condition even after wearing all day. My eyes have remained healthy and without problems despite having worn these contact lenses for many years (not continuously of course!) which is very important to me.

By from London on 04.03.2020 14:02

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Happy User

Excellent product that is easy to use and well packaged. No adverse effects and use for long distance sporting endurance events. easy to carry a spares to replenish over duration of event that can be 5 days long. Excellent product and excellent service!

By from Central UK on 07.03.2020 10:05

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Comfortable - can wear all day

I've tried several different brands of contacts and I find these the best. The cheapest ones on the website I found kept flipping out of my eye and were irritating to wear. These ones I can wear all day. No pain or discomfort. Thick enough that you can put them in easily whilst thin enough that they don't irritate the eye. And reasonably priced!

By from London, UK on 03.03.2020 12:19

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really reliable and always good quality

I've been a regular customer of contact lenses dot co dot uk for years, they've always been excellent with both the quality of the lenses and the speed of delivery, too. I'm always impressed by their ability to get my lenses to me ASAP.

By from London, UK on 28.02.2020 10:22

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The contact lenses are comfortable, does not dry out and they're good in price. Definately recommend them for other users

By from London on 28.02.2020 08:24

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Great product

Great product never had any issues at all

By from Norfolk uk on 28.02.2020 07:53

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Simply the best

I have tried many on line lenses and these are the best. No dry eye no tearing and great value. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

By from Hemel Hempstead UK on 28.02.2020 07:34

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good service

My son has used this product for some years and is always very happy and the service is always very good and prompt delivery

By from Essex on 28.02.2020 07:24

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Great service

Always buy my contacts from here! Great service all the time. And super fast postage.

By from Norwich, uk on 28.02.2020 04:32

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Been using these for many years now. I've tried several different Brand’s in the past but these have always been the most comfortable to wear. Fit The Eye well so there's no irritation. They are also sturdy so don't tear when handling.

By from Cheshire on 27.02.2020 20:27

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So comfortable, I don't know I am wearing them.

These are the most comfortable contact lenses I have ever had. Simple to use, hygienic, and no dry eyes. Great value, I always carry a spare pair with me, no need to worry about losing a lens and the expense of buying new ones.

By from London, UK on 27.02.2020 16:01

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Using now for years!

Great lenses! Very comfortable, prevent infections and cheap. I have noticed some tearing because they are very thin. Best to always carry some glasses and a spare set of contracts when out and about. Love these and would not consider wearing anything else.

By from France on 30.05.2019 11:25

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No problems for me

I've found these the most comfortable of several different lenses I've tried by different manufacturers. I only use them for sport (2-3 hours) and can take them out and reuse them several times if I'm careful. I've only ever had one break up in my eye so my advice is don't get put off by the outraged foaming-at-the-mouth 1 star reviews on here until you've tried them yourself.

By from UK on 25.07.2018 17:19

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I have been wearing soft contact lenses for over 20 years. Focus Dailies All day comfort contact lenses are the most comfortable and I have not experienced any no discomfort. Highly recommend these contact lenses and these are the most commonly prescribed by opticians.

By from Portsmouth, UK on 11.09.2017 14:30

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These lenses are very comfortable, and the delivery of them was fast. Recommended!

By from Kent, UK on 26.10.2016 21:52

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Super comfort

I have been wearing and ordering Focus Dailies for the last 10+years. These contact lenses were highly recommended by my opticians(Specsavers). They are superb and very comfortable to wear all day without any dryness in the eyes. Highly recommend Focus dailies! Super efficient service from as always!
The great added bonus is that orders are delivered to BFPO addresses.

By from Portsmouth (currently based in Belgium) on 13.10.2016 13:23

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100% Recommend

SO glad to have finally discovered daily disposables that don't make eyes look "milky" and are comfortable, smooth & clear and easy to put in and take out. I tried the crystal cheaper ones but they would only last about 4 hours and feel gritty whereas these I have a job sometimes to remember to take them out, Good 10/12 hours wear really pleased. Definitely recommend for plus prescription.

By from Cardiff on 16.04.2016 01:39

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I have been ordering these lenses off this website since 2009!
Delivery is super fast, usually next day when paying via paypal.
Never had any problems with these lenses. I have tried others but always come back to these!

By from Uk on 08.04.2016 08:25

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Not easy to fit - floppy

As a first time user, I would say that the service is excellent (next day delivery) and well packaged. The lens, when fitted, are absolutely fine and very wearable with no tiredness in my eyes.
The reason these lens don't get 5 stars is because (as mentioned by other reviews) they are very thin and particular fiddly to fit, since anytime they catch eyelids on fitting, they snag or fold back - more than others I've tried, such as Acuvision. Extra time required to fit. Unless I get used to these lens and their fitting challenge, I will be ordering a different type (less floppy) next time.

By from UK on 16.12.2015 10:56

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Excellent service

Can't fault this company at all for my 1st order delivered on time and contact lenses perfect thank you x

By from Gourock on 27.10.2015 14:10

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Comfortable and easy

I have been using these for a while now, used to use Acuvue Oasys. I like these just as much, I find them more comfortable in my eyes than the Oasys. Where my eyes used to get dry through the day I don't have that problem nearly as much now. I have only had them fall out once in the time I've been using them. They can be a little tricky to get in as I think they're quite flexible, but once in I don't have any issues. I work in a very dusty environment, and these are much better lenses for my job.

By from Glasgow, UK on 02.07.2015 08:33

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Change in quality?

I was happy with these but the current boxes seem much flimsier than usual and as a result are very difficult to get in - they just stick to my fingers. I really don't have an extra 15 minutes to struggle with these every morning so will have to try something else. It's a shame as they are comfortable all day. My sister recently had a box of these that kept disintegrating in her eye so I think there are quality control problems.

By from London on 30.05.2015 12:59

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too mucg glue....

Although I absolutely love the lenses, and have used them for years,my problem is occasionally you get a,batch with so much glue on the lids that by the time you battle to remove them, the lens is useless. I have just had yet another batch where six lenses have been consigned to the bin. I have re ordered another batch, and if these are the same, I will be rethinking my next order.

By from Durham on 25.02.2015 09:28

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