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Soflens 59

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SofLens 59
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Mid Water content soft lens from Bausch & Lomb.

Clear vision, deposit resistance, and easy handling are additional benefits.

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Rated 3.4/5 based on 40 customer reviews

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Best I Ever Used !!! Soflens 59 is TOP Quality !!!

I have tried many different contact lenses and all of them was really poor quality. For example: Acuvue is comfortable to wear for 4 hours - then they go so dry that you have take them out or use some drops, they also split after 2 weeks of use due to being so thin. The new Biofinity is also so thin that it dries after few hours.
Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses are thicker than others but if you use them constantly you will get use to them and you will find out that they are much more comfortable than any "advanced" thin lenses.
Soflens 59 does not dry out even after 10 hours of constant wearing but you have to use quality cleaner like Opti Free which is expensive but it keeps the lenses wet so they do not harm your eye after 4 hours.
I also tried Rossman brand contact lenses as well and I found out that they were the worst due becoming uncomfortable just after 2 hours.
I really love those Soflens 59 and I will stick to them probably for ever or until they change quality for worse.

By from UK on 10.02.2015 20:07

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I've been wearing these for a few years now and always go back to them. Sometimes my eyes get dry late in the evening, but I have dry eyes anyway. I've recently tried 3 different brands, all more expensive, and none have been as good

By from London on 06.09.2018 09:49

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easy and great value

Always used this service delvery is fast and efficient, so much easier and cheaper than going to the opticians. The lenses are great also they last a while and are great value. will always use this sight for my contact lenses.

By from South Wales on 09.03.2020 18:05

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Good for the price, but not for me

Absolute bargain contact lenses but I'll be trying a different lense from now on, as these have seemed scratchy on my eyes, and I often have to take them out during the day and wear my glasses instead. Plus the thickness of the lenses seemed to be inconsistent - one eye seemed thicker than the other despite them being the same prescription lense from the same box?! x

By from Unknown location on 06.08.2011 13:46

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Not good at all to be honest

I`ve recently had a check up at the optitions and they told me that the contact lenses I have been wearing are damaging my eyes. They do not let enough oxygen into eyes. These are the contacts I have been wearing. I clean them like I should. I have worn them the right amount of time.
I can put a new pair in and they will be fine for about 3 hours and then they will start getting dry and making my eyes blurry and unable to focus and VERY itchy! I would not recommend these at all!

By from Bexhill-on-sea on 07.06.2011 12:07

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good value

I am quite happy...:) I have been wearing them for over 5 years! I have once tried different brand for a change( more expensive), but wasn`t as good as these..

By from Uk on 11.11.2010 14:30

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Really awful

Ive used this brand for over ayear now and alwys gav it the benefit of the doubt but ive had enough now they are really bad, dry up too quikly and are very irratant.gave me constant eye infection. i really need to find another suitable brand. i would not recommend these at all.

By from Birmingham uk on 05.11.2010 11:53

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great value!

These brand of lenses were recommended by my optician and I have been using them ever since. It has been 5 years now and they never let me down, they are a great value! I get dry eyes eventually but it`s not too bad!

By from Newcastle, UK on 23.08.2010 16:57

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I don`t recommend

I have been wearing contact lenses for 20 years and this brand was my first try. Lenses easily dry and I had to often use eye drops.

By from London, UK on 16.03.2010 21:19

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Tear easily

I find these lenses more comfortable than some others I have used but they tear extremely easily

By from Surrey on 21.11.2009 18:13

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soft lense

Very good occasionaly dry in the eyes,central heating,dry conditions etc,one drop of eye solution there fine again.

By from Lincoln on 17.11.2009 00:22

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A revalation in eye care

Having dabbled with contact lenses over the years, I gave up as too much hassle taking them out at night, wearing glasses to watch TV in bed, misplacing lenses or glasses etc but these have transformed my life. Once a month I pop them in (they are a tiny bit uncomfortable for about 30 seconds) and then I forget about them until the next month. I have had no trouble sleeping with them, swimming, showering etc. It`s like having laser surgery for a fraction of the cost. I can`t praise them enough!

By from South Wales, UK on 04.11.2009 09:46

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I will not buy again

I wanted to see what is the difference between PUrevision and softlens 59. softlens 59 is cheaper and drying your eye.but at least,you don`t feel them in your eyes.
I am dissapointed with B&L on this product.

By from London on 30.08.2009 00:50

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Great lenses

I was sceptical at first as the lenses were quite cheap. I can only say I wasnt disappointed and I found them more comfortable than some lenses which are double the price. (O2 air) I highly recommend them.

By from Ec2a 3pq on 23.08.2009 23:31

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The worst

Have been using contact lenses for more than 10 years and never came across contact lenses as bad as these, really dry and unconfortable

By from London on 26.06.2009 12:00

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I do NOT recommend these lenses

You can`t wear these for too long.They dry out and you have to keep using the drops.They also stick to your eye making them painful to take out. I have been wearing contact lenses for over 20 years. Though they are cheaper than some of the other lenses,they aren`t worth it anyways. Spend the extra money and get a good quality pair of lenses.

By from U.s.a. on 29.05.2009 04:06

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Contact lenses

Comfortable,I don`t have any problem with them.

By from Warwickshire on 01.05.2009 22:24

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Softlens [compared to Proclear] are absolute great! I thought that for the price, they`d be terrible but quite surprisingly, they are much better than proclear. I`ve worn them for long periods of time and even accidently slept in them, and woken up to find my eyes quite alright and not dry [although thoroughly not recommended to sleep in them].
In my opinion, their best feature is that they do a good job keeping your eyes hydrated and not drying them. Undoubtedly, they`re are much better contact lenses out there, but for the price, Softlens is a winner.

By from London on 01.04.2009 02:14

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First Monthlys

Was given these by a contact lens optician ages ago and bought some further pairs from this website as they are better value and very conveniently delivered fast to your own home.
First monthlys and probably the only monthlys i`ll ever try! I love them. They`re really comfortable and i`ve never had a problem with them like I have with my dailies!

By from Lancashire on 30.12.2008 01:44

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These lenses were great - no discomfort whatsoever - have just re-ordered

By from New Zealand on 28.10.2008 03:14

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I have been wearing contact lenses for about 4 years now. These are the best I have had so far. I think the quality is excellent, and the comfort lasts longer than most contact lenses. I am about to buy another 6 month batch. I would definitely recommend these!

By from Unknown location on 11.10.2008 16:35

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Soflens 59

They were very good got used to them straight away

By from Brighton,uk on 11.10.2008 15:51

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First try

First time try this lenses and so far so good.

By from London, UK on 29.09.2008 20:36

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