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I ordered the grey contacts. I have dark brown eyes and they made such a difference. Very natural and no-one would notice I had dark eyes normally. 10/10.

By from Midlands on 18.12.2009 10:58

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worst coloured lenses!

i`ve tried every coloured lenses there are and this is by far the worst, the colours look so fake on your eyes!

By from Uk on 17.12.2009 13:32

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By from Unknown location on 30.11.2009 20:01

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They didn`t even fit my eyes, they were too small, even though I gave all the correct information as I wear contact lenses everyday.
They were also not natural looking at all. When I put them on they looked ridiculous! I chose the green colour but they look really false!
I`m so disappointed and I can`t believe I wasted my money on these :(

By from Bridgend, UK on 22.11.2009 18:12

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These were awful

I have worn the green freshlook colour and colourblend for a year or so and they look natural, I would get so many compliments and they didn`t look false. I looked at the reviews for these and thought with them being so good I would try them, I wish I hadn`t now, they were so bad and totally false looking I actually laughed when I looked in the mirror, they were also too hard. If you have worn the freshlook ones don`t try these as they don`t even compare.

By from Unknown location on 10.11.2009 12:46

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I was very surprised

I ordered the blue not expecting them to change my dark brown eye colour that much. Was I surprised, they were a beautiful blue, the fit was good, they did not move around like my normal daily contacts do. i have monovision lenses and the prescription gave good vision. I am so delighted that I have ordered two more blue pairs and a green pair. I think they make me look more youthful and I don`t want to wear any eye liner now as they make my eyes stand out.

By from Birmingham on 03.11.2009 10:45

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i order these every time. im glad i stumbled across them on contact
i have brown/black eyes and people can never guess they are not my own!!!
even people who wear lenses cannot tell, love the grey ones
, i have to say i never tell them they are experssions, (dont want anyone knowing my secret)
as these lenses are not commom as freshlook they definetly make your eyes stand out
i would definetly give them a go, if your olive skinned like me, go for the grey, blue or green, if you have fairer skin go for the green and light blue (plus other colors............have fun!!

By from London on 26.08.2009 20:24

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Not good

I have brown eyes put these in makes little difference, absolute waste of money just like fresh look blends waste.

By from BHam UK on 13.08.2009 14:42

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I have really dark brown eyes and bought a pair of blue experesion lenses and they are great and Im very happy with the service and they arrived the next day which was great

By from Glasgow on 11.08.2009 23:11

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Don`t it make my blue eyes brown...

I have light blue eyes and although I don`t mind them, I always fancied the idea of having brown eyes as I think they`re really pretty. I tried the Freshlook Colorblends in Pure Hazel but they actually turned my eyes a dull greeny colour which was not what I was after at all. I also found they blurred my vision a fair bit so I decided to order the Expressions Colors in brown. They arrived the next day and are lovely! After only a few attempts I managed to get them in okay and my eyes are now a lovely deep brown and my vision is perfect. Though you can tell they are fake from close up, at a distance they look pretty natural. Highly recommended to anybody who just fancies a change from the blue-eyed look..!

By from Scotland on 04.07.2009 20:05

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I have dark brown eyes, the grey and the green lenses both look great, I find coloured lenses so much easier to put in than the regular lenses as they are easier to see. I have ordered the fresh look colour blends in saphire to see what they are like also. I dont think I will be bothering with my regular lenses again they are boring after using colours.

By from NORTH EAST ENGLAND on 29.06.2009 01:46

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Excellent results :)

i recently ordered these lens in grey having got dark brown eyes naturally and the results were excellent ! i was also very pleased with how fast the lens were sent to me. I will definatly continue to use this site and have now ordered a aqua pair and another grey :)

By from Birmingham on 19.06.2009 08:49

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Love these lenses

I have dark brown eyes, I have tried the gray which I love, I have now sent for the green which are on the way, hope they are as good as the gray. I have had no problems at all and they are much easier to put in than normal lenses because I can see them better, very impressed with the results so far.

By from North East on 15.06.2009 12:48

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goggle eyed

I had previously bought tinted lenes but fancied something a bit more noticable so bought a green pair of these. After putting them in there was a subtle change in colour (my natural eye colour is hazel) but more worrying was the fact that I looked like one eye was going shopping while the other was coming back! The lenses didn`t sit on the centre of my eye which meant that the pupils pointed ever so slightly outwards on each eye - not the look I`d hoped for! I`ve read that someone else had a similar experience. An expensive mistake.

By from Lenzie, UK on 11.06.2009 13:34

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value for money and good choice of clolours

i actually wore contacts for a year, and like the fact that these coloured contacts show up. I bought the purple shade first because i wanted something very different, but these gave a subtle change of colour, and actually looked greyish, but it was fine. So next i bought true blue, and these difinatley were very clear, but not very photogenic, looking a little fake. But they are fun, and i recommand them. Just choose the colours wisely.

By from West Midlands on 05.06.2009 19:43

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Ordered a brown lens to test the effect on dark blue eyes; a reasonably good fit and dark colour, but this was spoiled by a very light, `fawny` inner ring surrounding the pupil which gave a very fake effect. Disappointing, will not be using as my aim is to achieve a natural look!

By from London, UK on 04.06.2009 09:21

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Blue to Brown

these are super! really are, only had them for 3 days, so obviously not too sure how they will wear after time but so far theyre great! I want to buy lots more packets, wish there was some kind of discount if you were to buy more than one pair

By from London on 25.05.2009 14:10

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I`ve tried most of the color contacts available and I can say that these are by far the best, Confortable and the color looks real and pure.

By from Iceland on 18.05.2009 02:09

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I have dark brown eyes - and I have ordred, they grey, and the blue from this brand. Very natural looking - very comfortable to wear, and teh prescription is great. They cover the colour of you eye completely, and the brown underneath does not tint the colour of the the lens. so the colour theya re in the packet, is the colour of your eye afterwards!
I found the right grey one to be uncomfortable - but Ithink it was the specific lens, rather than the brand it`s self as no trouble with the blue. I shall be reordering some more grey ones, and again the blue.
And it is normal to see the colour of the lens in your eye (as you are trying to see out of a hole in the middle of coour!) - although i find with this brand it is less noticeable.

By from Nottingham UK on 17.05.2009 10:49

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Complete waste of money ,There is no difference!!

I am a regular contact wearer and i normally wear cooured contacts, that cost around �16 for the pair and are very visible!
I ordered expressions contacts after seeing all the reviews and believing the product was worth my money my worst judgement!
Anyway the contact arrived after 2 days of placing the order, i opened one of them with excitement and put them in, i saw no difference at all, my eyes were te exactly the same as my natural dark brown whereas i had bought blue contacts!!! they were very cheap looking with no outline to make it look even unatural!!!!
I thought maybe they were lost in my eye but when i touched and drag whatever was on my pupil the blue colour showed on the white part of my eye!! It was completely invisible on the pupil, after being so annoyed with them i believed i would return them and finding out from the website once they have been opened you cannot return them!??
I do not reccommend them to anyone, complete waste of money!!!!

By from Luton UK on 16.05.2009 16:51

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