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Break the Cartel

I have now been using these lenses for 6 weeks and cannot believe how good they are.
Fot the first four weeks, I wore one crystal lens and one Air Optrix Aqua to compare ease/difficulty in insertion and removal to/from eye plus comfort in wearing up to 16 hours per day. The crystal won hands down.
For the last 2 weeks I have worn both crystal lenses and can report that they are superb.
The only reservation I have is their Oxygen permeability, I cannot find any data on that. Unless I find out something bad or there is a sudden price increase, I shall be buying these lenses in future.
Editor`s Comment: Crystal Monthly are the same material as Biomedics 55 and a similar oxygen permeability to Acuvue 2 and Surevue. They are an older generation material and as a result, do not have the increased oxygen permeability of the newer lenses that often contain silicone.

By from Unknown location on 23.01.2013 17:00

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i m v happy with results

hi,never think about that they would work so good for me ,v comfy n soothing ,i recommend these to everyone,monthly are best that u hav not to open a new packging on daily basis,

By from Derby on 03.11.2012 17:38

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I love these lenses. They're so comfortable, long lasting, really clear and much nicer to use than the Focus ones I'd used previously. The price is a bonus and I definitely recommend them.

By from Manchester, UK on 05.11.2012 21:49

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They have changed. now Rubbish

Been buying crystal monthlies for some years now, they were very good, excellent value for money, comfortable, etc.
A recent order and the box design changed, so have the lenses, they are flimsy, fold in on themselves, lack the ability to stay in shape, cannot wear for more than a couple of hours without discomfort after spending a long time trying to get them in, contact claim there have been no changes, THERE HAS, I was sent a replacement box in case of a bad batch, sorry to say that they are exactly the same, complete rubbish, such a shame really, I have tried other more expensive brands on here but they were not as comfortable as the OLD Crystal Monthlies, so will now have to try many other brands again to try and find a suitable alternative.

By from Chester on 08.11.2019 16:34

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Brilliant contact lenses

Best lenses I've tried. I only need one lense due to my eye condition and these offer the best value for money. I've been using these for years and they're so comfortable. Would never go back to lenses offered to me at my opticians, paying stupid prices and no discount for only needing one lense. Definitely recommend.

By from Somerset on 21.09.2019 16:41

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Excellent Monthly Contacts!

I’ve been ordering and reviewing the Crystal brand contacts. I started with Crystal Aquas and now I’m using the Crystal Monthly lenses. These contacts are awesome!! I haven’t worn monthly lenses in years, as I was always a daily lens person. These lenses are amazing and I can wear them over 10 hours a day. I’m very pleased and the cost is awesome too. I like how this company does immediate conversion to the USD, so I don’t have to convert myself. I’m definitely a fan of the Crystal brands.

By from Butler, PA on 14.03.2019 20:05

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I got these around 2 years ago and I haven't been anywhere else.. I wasn't expecting much as price of them and thought wouldn't last.. these are just brilliant and last the whole month..
I've tried the expensive ones and they mostly irritated my eyes.. but since using these I've never had a problem!. I've even recommended others to use....
Thank you contactlenses xxx

By from Manchester on 29.06.2018 14:32

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I have ordered these so many times they are fantastic they do not dry out and can go up to 12 hours if not more and for the price it is very good please do not ever discontinue these
I have tried others and they are either to thick or they break quick.

By from Unknown location on 12.06.2018 01:04

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I ordered these < having despaired with the current quality of Proclear having used them for 20+ years > , and given the low price my expectations were not high .
Have to say I have been hugely impressed by them and I'm regretting not changing to them sooner . Far less prone to drying out , don't seem half as prone to attracting dust/muck as the Proclear , no tearing and best of all for me as I do a lot of night driving , they are absolutely brilliant at reducing headlight glare - my night vision has improved massively .
Big thumbs-up from me .

By from Herts . UK . on 28.02.2018 15:30

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I can't praise this enough!! I've been using crystal Monthly for 5+ years now and they have never faulted me. They are extremely affordable compared to the monthly ones i used to get at Specsavers, super comfortable, feels like I have nothing in my eyes. One thing i would say is that the contact lenses are thinner than other contact lenses so maybe not suitable for people who are new/starting out with contact lenses. But overall the best contact lenses out there for me! Definitely recommend!!!!

By from Manchester, UK on 07.12.2017 20:43

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As other reviews, I was quite sceptical about these because of the price. But I was desperate to save some money, so I triple checked that all the specs matched those of the contacts I was already using and ordered 2 boxes.
And what a great choice! I never went back, I've been using them for 2 years. I find them very comfortable to wear all day long (I wear contacts most days). service has always been very efficient too, which is helps :)

By from London, UK on 24.10.2017 15:05

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i have ordered crystal monthly for a long time and they are comfortable long lasting do not dry out well worth the money compered to high street prices which can be a ripe off at the price they charge.
all i can say that people run things down it may well be that they are just not suited for that contact or there eyes maybe sensitive and delicate
but for me i shall keep ordering plus i have just got my family and friends to order and they are all very happy keep up the great work just keep going

By from Uk on 04.09.2017 10:00

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Good quality affordable monthly lenses

This is the best price I have ever paid for a monthly contact lens. I have been using these for 3 years and have not found any difference to the big brands I have been using for the 5 years before that. So, I will highly recommend Crystal.
Also, has been fabulous. I order it today and it will be home tomorrow, without fail. Great service.

By from London, UK on 23.08.2017 10:53

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Do not waste your money on this product

After using daily disposable without any issues, I decided to switch over to this monthly disposable lenses. Big mistake, the lenses are very thick and constantly scrape the bottom of the eyeball. After all day wearing the lenses, it constantly switched from vision to a blur. A very uncomfortable feeling leaving you with a runny nose and complete discomfort.
Back to daily hydro lenses for me.

By from London on 08.03.2017 08:14

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10/10 Best contact lenses ever. Hands down. Quality and Value

I've been using these for years. Never discomfort and often last well beyond 1 month. I cannot recommend this enough. So happy this type of contact lens exists. What a blessing.

By from Herts on 30.01.2017 14:30

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Amazing price, fast delivery and they are so comfy to wear they're better than my prescribed ones! Will be ordering again, I didn't even realise it was a 6 months supply, I thought it was 3 months so definitely good value for money.

By from Bradford, UK on 21.12.2016 10:29

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Not happy

They just keep falling out. I got them 2 days ago and I have already gone though 3 of the ones in the box. Its really annoying. To start with I thought they were really good they were really light and I could see so all good. Then I went out with friends for dinner and I suddenly couldn't see. I went home and put the other pair on thinking I probably didn't put enough solution on them. nope they fall out again. and today my third fell out. needless to say Im not very impressed. I have to say though got them the next day after ordering them so quick shipping

By from London on 19.12.2016 13:39

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Great value but irritate after 5-6 hours

I wear these lenses from 5am through to about 10.30pm and have bought them for a couple of years simply because of the great price.
I find them easy to handle and robust but after a few hours things do start to go blurry and I find myself rubbing my eyes after 5-6hrs. I'm not sure if its my eyes or these lenses because I had the same expereiences when I used to buy the cheapest specsavers equivalent.
If you own glasses and just want these for the bulk of the day then i'd recommend them but Ive spent the second half of each day squinting and struggling for focus. Kept on buying them though so the price must be right!

By from UK on 09.12.2016 10:25

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speedy delivery

ordered at dinnertime received them the next morning
free post
had them in a day, seem as good as any lens ive tried
and ive tried a few
so far so good

By from Scotland on 24.11.2016 09:57

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Really really good lenses! comfortable and cheap. A valid alternative to the more expensive brands. In addition, a serious website. Reccomended.

By from Basildon, UK on 27.09.2016 14:30

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Never felt the need to try a different brand

I was worried about using contacts because I have astigmatic eyes (so they`re rugby ball shaped instead of spherical) and thought they would irritate my eyes or fall out all the time. I decided to try these because they were cheap and I absolutely love them. I`ve been using them for several years now and I`ve not found a strong reason to try another brand. For the first day they are a little uncomfortable, but not enough to really hurt, more that you know they`re there. This is probably because I go long periods not using contacts at all though. I`ve only had one fall out once and that`s because I was lying down and rubbed the underneath of my eye, it caught the corner of the contact and it plopped out onto my finger. I rinsed it with some solution and it went back in really easy though. I will admit to sleeping in these, even though it does advise not to. I`ve never had a problem doing that though, they`re so comfy after the first day that you really do forget that they`re there. I will also admit to wearing one pair for a fair bit longer than one month, and even then I didn`t have any problems. The only thing I did notice is that when I took them out they seemed a lot thinner, so I wouldn`t be surprised if they had have broken after much longer. That was after leaving them in for considerably longer than a month though. I will say that if you have sensitive eyes these may not be for you. I have very resilient eyes, and I would imagine more expensive ones are better suited to more sensitive eyes. If yours are pretty average than you should have no problem with these though. I thoroughly recommend them.
Editors Note: We advise customers not to sleep in Crystal Lenses, as they are not designed for this.
For overnight wear, you would need a lens that allows a lot more air to reach the eye, for example a Purevision 2 HD or Air Optix Night & Day Aqua

By from Bangor on 16.05.2016 05:10

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I have used Crystal Monthly consistently for the last 5 years having upgraded from dailies, compared to other monthly brands i have tried along the way i have always found my back to using Crystal. I drive for a living and have never been let down by these contacts, sometimes wearing them for nearly 24 hours at a time including short sleep periods during the day. They never cause irritability or any issues aslong as my solution is kept clean. Would highly recommend.

By from East Anglia on 15.05.2016 20:44

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Really good lenses!

Iv'e been using frequency 55 since I was around 16 (im 32 now). I have tried many other more expensive brands but they haven't agreed with my eyes so I always returned to them. Anyway I was told they where no longer available and to try these, theyre less than half the price so I was very skeptical so I ordered 1 box to try but wow I was totally wrong! These are really good lenses took a bit of getting used to on the first day but great from then on. I've just ordered a years worth!

By from MIDLANDS, UK on 08.05.2016 12:49

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