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amazing eyes

I have Hazel eyes and have purchased a few times now the Saphire Blue eyes! I have noticably blue eyes when I wear them and have been complimented loads on them! I was even told by a female friend my eyes were hypnotic! Can't wait to order more! They are comfy and last and I trust this site with all my orders which is why every month I order from them as fast reliable and if there has been a problem with the batch the customer service has been impeckable and above and beyond

By from Cheshire on 27.06.2013 21:32

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A Waste of Money!

The lenses were delivered very quickly, however they were of very poor quality.
I was unable to see clearly out of them and they felt very heavy in my eyes. Ordered the correct base curve, but they had a very deep cup shape rather than the more shallow sphere shape that I am accustomed to in contact lenses.
I think that the blurred vision was due to either the shape or the fact that the pupil holes were too small. Also the colour was horrendous, I tried the Amethyst colour, which looked stripy giving me a zombie look. Would not recommend.

By from Birmingham on 09.07.2012 21:26

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Brown eyes to Green

Ordered Sunday rec'd Tuesday, Freshlook Colourblends - Emerald Green Stone. They are 30 day wear
& can be used upto 3 months, wearing 30 times through this period. I have hazel coloured eyes with a black ring on the outside, green ring & hazel brown around the pupil. These have given me a greener colour that looks very natural. People look at my eyes wondering if they are my real colour but don't say anything. If anyone asked I would say they are colour enhancer contact lenses. Don't need to wear lot of makeup, only mascara! To show off eyes, they are great, would order again.

By from Worksop, Notts on 19.06.2013 10:21

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good brown color but not comfortable

I am a regular contacts wearer. But these ones are very uncomfortable, felt like there was a fog layer in my eyes. on the other hand freshlook daily colors are much more comfortable.

By from Denmark on 02.01.2019 19:02

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Hola! Recientemente compre los lentes de color "Sterling Grey" . Me encanto como me quedaron. Estoy complacida con el servicio recibido. Al principio tenia mis dudas porque era la primera vez que realizo una compra de este tipo pero los lentes llegaron en el tiempo estimado. Recomiendo esta página, son muy diligentes.
Hi! I recently purchased the "Sterling Grey" color lenses. I loved them. I am pleased with the service received. At first I had my doubts because it was the first time I made a purchase of this type but the lenses arrived in the estimated time. I recommend this page, they are very diligent.

By from Puerto Rico on 13.02.2018 14:03

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I got the pure hazel, and it was amazing people thought it was my eye colour, I got so many compliments from them. They are worth it because I can even get them with prescription as am short sighted.

By from Luton on 25.01.2017 03:57

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Best lenses for all the right reasons.

I have used these lenses on and off for the space of five years, sometimes I have the impulsion to have blue eyes for a month or two. usually I just wear the standard Biofinity lenses which itch, dry and irritate my eyes quite often. however, when I use the freshlook color lenses, I can wear them for an entire month - 6 weeks without any problems at all. I often forget I am wearing them, they are also so durable that I have never had any problems keeping them in for an extra week at the beginning of a new month. Above all the comfort and lense quality, the look of them are so natural. on a few occasions people have asked me "you're eyes are stunning!" and I admit, they are stunning to look at. the colours are so natural but bold. I absolutely love these lenses.

By from Manchester on 08.12.2016 05:20

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Colour is nice but lenses uncomfortable

The most in uncomfortable lenses I've ever worn, had to take them out after a few minutes. They are huge so didn't fit well when they were placed in my eye - have tried again since but no luck.

By from Leicester, U.K. on 14.09.2016 21:48

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Gemstone Green on Dark Brown Eyes

Really happy with these. I can't believe they arrived so quickly. By far the most comfortable and easiest to put on. Didn't need to get used to them either, they were instantly perfect. They are a very natural looking green, you wouldn't know my eyes are very dark brown, almost black. I do want something that stands out so might try the blues. Already on line looking to try the Grey that people seem to talk about the most.

By from South Wales on 18.04.2016 14:36

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Have been using these lenses for over 7 years. Never had any issues absolutely adore them I use the grey ones and have never had any trouble customer service is brilliant when website is slow and lenses always arrive so quick. Would and have recommended to everyone I can.

By from Luton on 14.04.2016 21:07

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I have dark brown eyes and bought the gemstone green. They look great!!

By from UK on 22.02.2016 20:13

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So Natural but SO beautiful

Im a black girl with really dark brown eyes and the pure hazel are simply magical. It looks more green than brown on my eyes but honestly it looks so natural. People keep saying how they never realised how nice my eyes were or 'you're eyes are really sparkly today'. I love them so much and feel like a brand new woman. My only issue is when i go out clubbing at night after a certain point my eyes keep watering? I assume it's because of the contacts as my clear contacts never did this. But nevertheless, its great and natural but noticeable!!! Definitely will be buying again and again and again.

By from Manchester on 11.06.2015 12:36

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Excellent lenses, beautiful colour

I have been wearing the sapphire lenses for four years on and off and each time people comment on my stunning blue eyes, the turquoise are also a believable match, my natural eye colour is dark brown and you have to examine my eye very closely to see they are indeed false. They are as comfortable as my standard clear lenses and feel no different in my eye.

By from Unknown location on 10.06.2015 12:08

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terribly uncomfortable

Been wearing lenses for years every day, always order from here. Decided to try the coloured ones and they were really thin and uncomfortable. Could feel them when blinking and they were slightly blurry. Not a good fit at all. Tried them various ways and would not sit in right.

By from Newcastle on 31.03.2015 15:41

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Brilliant Blue: Very bold and obvious at times

These lenses can be very bold and even scary at times but look very amazing at the same times, especially in the sunlight whereas on the other hand, indoors they give a very sharp look.

By from London, UK on 17.02.2015 22:26

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brilliant blue

just ordered more, have used brilliant blue for a while now, i have green eyes and the brill blue cover em up completely......luv em

By from Sat on a cheesecake on 29.01.2015 15:36

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Perfect lenses and great service

I've worn freshlook colorblends before, having had them from my optician. I found this website by looking to see if i could purchase them cheaper than my optician was charging me. Yes they where slightly cheaper so i placed my first order having read such positive reviews. I ordered a different colour "True Sapphire" for my already blue eyes just to enhance them and the colour worked very well for that. However after 3 days use one of the lenses started to irritate my eye like crazy. When i got home and removed the lense i noticed that there was a tear in the lense and when i placed it into the lense container this then ended up ripping the lense almost in half!. I Sent an email off to and they immediattely appologised and have since sent out a replacement set for me. They haven't arrived as of yet but they where only dispatched this morning so obviously they wouldn't be here today but i just wanted to say how great the service has been with what i assume must have been a faulty batch of lenses.

By from Newcastle, UK on 13.01.2015 14:12

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I bought it like two days before. I see everything blurry and unclear. I am so disappointed with this product.

By from London on 31.12.2014 19:47

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Blurry, uncomfortable and a waste of money !

I have worn lenses previously with no problems at all. Having a wedding to go to next week I decided to order the Freshlook Colorblends - Gray . The colour showed really well on dark brown eyes, that has to be the only good thing I can say. From the moment I put them in, my vision became blurry around the edges and the lenses were really uncomfortable. After only wearing them for 3 hours my eyes were aching. The lense itself does seem a lot bigger than other lenses I have worn recently.

By from Cardiff on 31.12.2014 15:39

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So blurry

I put them in and they were extremely blurry, I could barely see in them. Felt like I've wasted my money:( I know it's the right prescription because I had just got my eyes tested and recieved glasses for the +1.25 prescription. I can see clearly in the 2 glasses I have but this is awful.

By from Nottingham, UK on 29.10.2014 21:06

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I have dark brown eyes. They are not super brown/black dark. But they are not medium brown or light in any way either.
STERLING GREY: didn't think they would work as they're probably the lightest contacts, but the contacts are pretty opaque so they do work very well.
HONEY: wanted to see what light brown eyes look like. Unfortunately there was little to no change in my eye colour. Out of my eyes they look light brown, but in them you can only notice a subtle change to a slightly lighter shade when looking about 3 inches away from my face. I ordered these as I concluded they looked the lightest shade of brown available, so basically they don't have a genuine/striking light brown shade available. Could for better on blue eyed people though!
TRUE SAPPHIRE: I thought sterling grey was my favourite shade of blue as its the lightest and thought it would show up the best BUT this is my new favourite blue. It's still light blue, just more realistic and brighter. I've had the most compliments from these. In fact, about 8 in the past 3 weeks.
I've never been a huge fan of green eyes, but I'm tempted by gemstone green or the actual grey ones to have a change from blue and brown.
I'm not impressed by the slight rise in price. I remember when they used to be �12, now over �15 for the set.

By from UK on 09.10.2014 22:19

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Too big

I got it in Amethyst and i really liked the colour. It's out there yet it's not too crazy looking. However, i did find the lens way to big for my eyes. It was hard to see out of them and it was just blurry in general.

By from London on 13.09.2014 00:28

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STERLING GREY and PURE HAZEL on medium-dark brown eyes

I first wanted to make my dark brown eyes a visible blue colour. Sterling grey looked like a pale blue/silver colour in the pictures so I tried that, expecting it not to show up at all.
However, it did! And very noticeably. Even in pictures with my friends, you can see my eyes standing out and it genuinely makes me look more photogenic and attractive in pictures because of these striking eyes. The colour shows up pretty much exactly like the online picture - ish. It's a light, pale blue colour. I think they call it grey because it's more grey/silver blue than the other brighter blues.
Close up, on any of the lenses, you can sort of see they aren't real. Often people compliment me on my eyes, other times they ask if I'm wearing contacts. I don't know if that's because they find themselves suddenly noticing my eyes and so assume something is different, or whether they can see they are fake. I don't think it's the latter. I think they just notice my eyes and assume I've done something to them.
I've also tried the hazel ones. When you looked up close, you noticed a very very slight difference (they made my eyes a fraction lighter brown). But nothing is noticeable from chatting distance and further away. I concluded that these must only work for people with really really dark brown/black eyes or lighter blue eyes. I have eyes somewhere between a medium and dark brown, perhaps best described as a very dark hazel brown colour. So the change was only slight and not noticeable.
If anyone can tell us if any of the other browns produce noticeable light brown eyes, that'd be a huge help. The hazel doesn't achieve that effect, but the model photo makes you think they do.
The sterling grey are out of stock right now, so I might try another blue colour. I'm hoping to choose a medium blue colour that is brighter so still stands out. I may try turquoise. Will let you know!

By from London, UK on 04.07.2014 23:25

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