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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

30 Lenses per box

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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
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Update June 2024: Alcon are discontinuing Focus Dalies All Day Comfort. If your powers are shown in the drop-down list, then we still have them in stock for supply. The available stock may only show as a 30 pack or 90 pack, depending on availability. If it is unavailable Alcon recommends Dailies Aquacomfort Plus which is their newer and more advanced daily lens.

Daily contact lenses are a great choice for anyone with an active lifestyle, for occasional contact lens wearers and for those new to contact lenses. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are particularly suited to contact lens wearers who have dry eyes as they contain a built in moisturiser that is blink activated, each blink releases a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) from the lens surface to the eye which helps to stabilise the tear film and moisturise the eye for all day comfort.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contains Alcons' patented lightStream technology creating an ionic surface that helps prevent the build up of protein, helping the contact lenses remain fresh and clear throughout the day. The materials Nelfilcon A with added PVA and a high water content of 69% allows plenty of oxygen to get through to your eyes. When you take in their reasonable cost approximately £1.50 per pair per day, it's no surprise why these lenses are popular with both Optometrists and contact lens wearers.

Why Choose Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Plus?

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort with Aqua release, are a healthy simple solution for contact lens wearers, there is no cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting or storing of the lens, you simply wear fresh new lenses every day. they are also a great solution for sports men and women who prefer to wear glasses but want the convenience of contact lenses whilst participating in their favourite sport.

  • Fresh clean lens everyday
  • Great for occasional wear
  • Blink activated moisture release for added comfort all day
  • LightStream technology helps prevent the build up of protein
  • Handling tint makes handling the lens easier
  • High water content daily lens
  • Great price
  • One of the most popular daily lenses with great customer reviews


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Rated 4.7/5 based on 267 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Excellent Lenses

I have been using Focus Daily Lenses for a number of years. They are very easy to put in the eye and are very comfortable when wearing all day. With other lenses, I found that my eyes felt tired after working on a computer for hours but Focus Dailies All Day Comfort keep my eyes feeling in good condition even after wearing all day. My eyes have remained healthy and without problems despite having worn these contact lenses for many years (not continuously of course!) which is very important to me.

By from London on 04.03.2020 14:02

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Happy User

Excellent product that is easy to use and well packaged. No adverse effects and use for long distance sporting endurance events. easy to carry a spares to replenish over duration of event that can be 5 days long. Excellent product and excellent service!

By from Central UK on 07.03.2020 10:05

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Comfortable - can wear all day

I've tried several different brands of contacts and I find these the best. The cheapest ones on the website I found kept flipping out of my eye and were irritating to wear. These ones I can wear all day. No pain or discomfort. Thick enough that you can put them in easily whilst thin enough that they don't irritate the eye. And reasonably priced!

By from London, UK on 03.03.2020 12:19

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Very Comfortable

Excellent lenses. I've had lots of trouble with lenses before so I decided to give Focus Dailies a try. Great vision all day, really comfortable.
Excellent delivery time too! Highly recommended!!!

By from London UK on 05.12.2011 19:46

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The best ones for me

I tried others as well, like the Proclear and Acuvue 1 day lenses but I found the Focus Dailies the most suitable for me. There might be some reasons for what different people feel good with different lenses, personally I didn't have any bad experiences with any of them, like breaking in my eyes, as I read happened to few people.
The service, from ordering to delivery is 5 stars as well.

By from London, UK on 17.11.2011 22:15

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quite good

Can't say anything bad about Focus Dailies. I like them, can wear for 12 hours without any problems, though I don't have to wear lenses every day. Delivery was quick. Although I found 1 lense cracked on edge.

By from Coventry on 02.11.2011 10:28

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Excellent servise

I have ordered wrong lenses and found out 6weeks later. It was replaced by the fastest service I have never experienced. Thanks so much!

By from Bucks, UK on 17.09.2011 20:47

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wearer of focus dailies for over 5 years

I have been wearing these every day for over five years, and they do there job just fine. In the time i have been wearing them, i have only had around four occasions of them spliting in my eye, all caused by me rubbing my eye. Occasionaly, again maybe four times i have opened the lens case to find the lens allready split. They are thinner than other lens but i find this makes them more comfortable. I have, when run out of lenses, borrowed pairs from my sister (luckily same prescription) of one day acuvue and i still prefer the focus dalies. I have sensitive skin/eyes etc and have not had a problem with these ever.

By from Lancashire on 19.08.2011 09:09

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fantastic lenses

very comfortable to wear

By from London on 18.08.2011 13:51

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Focus Dailies - Great Value, Great Product

I've seen some reviews saying these are too flimsy. I've been using these for years with no issue and wouldn't change them. Yes they are light but who wants something big on their eye?
I've had issues with previous contact lenses in the past but have never had any issue with these.

By from Dubai UAE on 12.08.2011 12:25

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Great lenses

Don`t understand some of the bad reviews for these lenses. Been using these via spec savers for ages, and no problems with them. Might have the odd one that pinches me on the edge of my iris, but haven`t had any break. These focus dailies are exactly the same as the spec saver ones as far as i can see.
Maybe get a prescription which your happy with first at your opticians, before purchasing?

By from Notts on 06.08.2011 16:24

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dry eye problem

I have been wearing (ciba vision focus Dailies) daily disposable contact lenses for years now,my eyes have become very dry as i have become older, i am 43 now,one night after wearing my contacts all day my eyes became very dry and tired and when i came to take them out i was convinced that part of the contact was still in my eye as i had what felt like an eye lash in my eye.The next day my eye lid was swollen and the pain in my eye had got worse ,i bathed my eye and throughout the day it seemed to get better,however in the night it got worse and i began to get pains in my face and my nose began to run,as i had work the next day i went in thinking it would get better after all it was only a contact or a hair.
To cut a long story short i ended up in Manchester eye hospital,i had to take eye drops every hour on the hr throughout the night for 72hrs until my next appointment it turns out that the contacts and the dry eyes had caused an Ulser on my eye which in the end felt like i had glass in it,i wouldn't recommend these to anyone with dry eyes as they have in the past split in my eye too.I am now much better after 3 weeks but im wearing my glasses at the moment as i feel until i find the right contact lenses for my eyes that its not worth risking your sight just for vanity sake.i have been told that gel ones are good for this type of condition but as of yet i don't know much about them,anyone with any advice it would be much appreciated.

By from Manchester on 20.07.2011 12:17

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Very comfy lences

I have alot of trouble with my eyes, I have been wearing lences for 12 years, the last two I have had problems, but these lences are great, no iching nothing, highly recommend them.

By from Wales on 11.07.2011 10:59

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Focus Dailies

These lenses are good value for money and easy to use. I use them pretty much everyday and have few issues.
My eyes can get dry by the end of the day and the lenses do have a tendancy to pop out of my eye occasionly.

By from London, UK on 15.03.2011 14:01

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Excellent lenses

I`ve been using these lenses for the last 8 years and they`re excellent. Always comfortable (even when worn for over 18hrs).

By from Midlands, UK on 24.02.2011 23:45

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Fantastic lenses 5 stars

These lenses are really comfy , u dont know there there, they are that comfy i sleep in them sometimes for up to a week even though they are dailes , never done me any harm , people that are saying these tear be quiet ..all contacts tear if u dont handle them properly and they do not tear in the eye what rubbish. great price fast delivery and comfortable. hope this helps.
Editor Comment: Focus Dailies are not approved for overnight wear and should not be worn while sleeping

By from Cheshire on 25.01.2011 22:36

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Great lenses

Have been using contacts for 17 years now. I suffer from dry eyes and have always needed to use drops with previous lens types to maintain comfort. Have been using Focus Dailies for around 9 years now. Until 7 years ago I flew fighter jets in the RAF, quite a demanding environment for lenses, and since then have flown commercially, again, a very demanding and extremely dry environment for lenses. I have NEVER had to use drops, can wear them all day and often forget I`ve got them in. Even when my eyes get dry they still remain relatively comfortable.
They have NEVER come apart either in my eye or when handling them so wonder what the h##l some of you are doing with them. Optician has often got me to try other new types but always come back to FDs. They are the best lenses that suit my eyes but everyone is different.

By from North Yorkshire, UK on 02.12.2010 16:30

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By from Newcastle Upon Tyne on 16.08.2010 08:02

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Excellent product and service

I was introduced to these lenses by my optician nearly five years ago, at first for the convenience while on holiday as they were very expensive. Having found this site three plus years ago I can save money and know they are the same lenses my optician provides. I can wear them comfortably for 14+ hours.
In response to people`s experiences about them breaking in the eye, or feeling dry, my optician says if they begin to feel dry, try one of the next ranges up which are specifically designed for drier eyes.
Excellent service with next day delivery.

By from Canterbury, UK on 09.08.2010 23:02

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Great Comfort, Great Value, Speedy Delivery

I used Bausch&Lomb daily for my left eye and felt quite dry and I decide to get this and give it a try. These lens are much more comfortable than the Bausch&Lomb and less irritating. Delivery is very quick, ordered on Monday and is here on Tuesday. Overall, excellent.

By from Fulham, London on 29.06.2010 15:38

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The Best Yet

After trialling soft contact lenses over a year, including silicon hydrogels, Focus Dailies are definitely the best for me. The only problem is that they occasionally break in the eye. To combat that, I always hold a new lens up to the light before putting it in. Any chips, cracks, or small tears can be seen and therefore the lens discarded. I haven`t had a problem since. It does mean wasting about 3-5 per box, but they are one of the cheapest around so it`s worth doing it for the comfort.

By from West Sussex, UK on 29.06.2010 12:51

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Focus Dailies

I used to use these via Boots opticians. Much cheaper here and a much faster service. A comfortable lens to wear. Thank you! I will definately be coming back to you.

By from Buckinghamshire, UK on 05.06.2010 09:53

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Excellent lenses

These lenses are great. I have worn more expensive lenses and they were far more uncomfortable than these are. I can wear these all day and don`t notice they are in my eyes. I can`t understand how people are managing to break them. I handle them normally and havnt had to throw any away from breaking. Overall great lenses and great service highly recommend.

By from Weymouth, uk on 05.06.2010 07:15

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