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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

30 Lenses per box

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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
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Product Info

Daily contact lenses are a great choice for anyone with an active life style, for occasional contact lens wearers and those new to contact lenses. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are particularly suited to contact lens wearers who have dry eyes as contain a built in moisturiser that is blink activated, each blink releases a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) from the lens surface to the eye this helps to stabilise the tear film and moisturise the eye for all day comfort.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contains Ciba Visions patented lightStream technology creating an ionic surface which helps prevent build up of protein, helping the contact lenses remain fresh and clear throughout the day. The materials Nelfilcon A with added PVA and a high water content of 69% allows plenty of oxygen to get through to your eyes. When you take in their reasonable cost of just of under £1.00 per pair per day it's no surprise why these lenses are popular with both Optometrists and contact lens wearers.

Why Choose Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Plus?

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort with Aqua release are a healthy simple solution for contact lens wearers, there is no cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting or storing of the lens, you simply wear fresh new lenses every day. they are also a great solution for sports men and women who prefer to wear glasses but want the convenience of contact lenses whilst participating in their favourite sport.

  • Fresh clean lens everyday
  • Great for occasional wear
  • Blink activated moisture release for added comfort all day
  • LightStream technology helps prevent the build up of protein
  • Handling makes handling the lens easier
  • High water content daily lens
  • Great price
  • One of the most popular daily lenses with great customer reviews

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 265 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Excellent Lenses

I have been using Focus Daily Lenses for a number of years. They are very easy to put in the eye and are very comfortable when wearing all day. With other lenses, I found that my eyes felt tired after working on a computer for hours but Focus Dailies All Day Comfort keep my eyes feeling in good condition even after wearing all day. My eyes have remained healthy and without problems despite having worn these contact lenses for many years (not continuously of course!) which is very important to me.

By from London on 04.03.2020 14:02

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Happy User

Excellent product that is easy to use and well packaged. No adverse effects and use for long distance sporting endurance events. easy to carry a spares to replenish over duration of event that can be 5 days long. Excellent product and excellent service!

By from Central UK on 07.03.2020 10:05

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Comfortable - can wear all day

I've tried several different brands of contacts and I find these the best. The cheapest ones on the website I found kept flipping out of my eye and were irritating to wear. These ones I can wear all day. No pain or discomfort. Thick enough that you can put them in easily whilst thin enough that they don't irritate the eye. And reasonably priced!

By from London, UK on 03.03.2020 12:19

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Change in quality?

I was happy with these but the current boxes seem much flimsier than usual and as a result are very difficult to get in - they just stick to my fingers. I really don't have an extra 15 minutes to struggle with these every morning so will have to try something else. It's a shame as they are comfortable all day. My sister recently had a box of these that kept disintegrating in her eye so I think there are quality control problems.

By from London on 30.05.2015 12:59

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too mucg glue....

Although I absolutely love the lenses, and have used them for years,my problem is occasionally you get a,batch with so much glue on the lids that by the time you battle to remove them, the lens is useless. I have just had yet another batch where six lenses have been consigned to the bin. I have re ordered another batch, and if these are the same, I will be rethinking my next order.

By from Durham on 25.02.2015 09:28

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Top service

Ordered at 12pm...received them by 9am next morning in Scotland..quality service!
Have used these lenses before and find them quite comfortable

By from Aberdeen on 20.09.2014 15:21

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Ripped in two, repeatedly.

I got both the Focus Daily Toric, and regular Focus Dailies for my other eye. They are now in the trash bin, as I just spent an hour fishing uncomfortably scrapey ripped pieces of a contact lens out of my eye - for the second time.
First time, the standard lens ripped into 3 pieces. This time, it was toric, down the middle - so I guess it *is* the brand, not the model problem. Both times, it took a long time to get the pieces out and it hurt. Back to Acuvue.

By from San Francisco, CA on 02.03.2014 20:21

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Great Fab

I have used them for years, no problems at all. Also used the more expensive version and they are also nice but just not worth the increase in price. Highly recommend.

By from Unknown location on 01.12.2013 22:46

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Great lenses and great prices

The convenience of purchasing my contact lenses online like this is great. Honestly, my Rx expired over a year ago, but my eyesight/vision has not really changed. I didn't want to get the costly eye exam. This site helps me save money and do away with the hassle of seeing an optometrist yearly.

By from Austin, TX on 13.09.2013 04:34

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Good or very good

I have been messing with contact lenses for a year or so as I have only a mild prescription for presbyopia so I use only a lens in one eye (either) for outdoor distance and sport, which works fine for me. I have used these Focus dailies and they are good, maybe prefer them to crystal dailies which are half the price and now available at -.75, but not sure so there can't be much in it. Crystal go in easilly but maybe not quite so comfortable. I know I prefer them to Bosch and Laum Softlenses which I struggle to get in and keep in as they seem "just too soft" but I guess there's a hint in the name.

By from South of England on 08.08.2013 13:37

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Reliable, comfortable

I wear these like there's no tomorrow and they never let me down. I occasionally 'treat' myself to Acuvue Moist or other more expensive brands, but find them only marginally better than Focus. Recommended, and worth the extra vs Crystal, unless you are really up against it financially. I tried to save money that way but my quality of sight was so much worse, I definitely think it was a false economy.

By from London, UK on 20.05.2013 12:22

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Fantastic and cheap!

I was sure that these lenses were going to be no good, as they were so incredibly cheap! But, all I need say is that they are the best lenses I've ever used - comfortable and moist all day. Perfect!

By from Oita, Japan on 14.02.2013 06:11

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Never a problem a joy to wear.

Always used these and have never had a problem with them, afraid i moved down to a lower priced contact lenses simply because of money constraints. sorry Focus Dailies :(

By from London on 05.02.2013 18:52

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Never had any problems at all

Have used these lenses for some time and have never had a problem at all. I wear the lenses for lengthy periods of time and also live in a very dry environment (up a mountain for half the year) and still find these lenses very comfortable for all day wear. Great value

By from London, UK on 11.10.2012 12:44

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really comfortable

find these lenses really thin, considering my prescription is quite high. I ve never had any problems with these for years, even when im cutting the onions.

By from London, UK on 02.08.2012 17:40

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Seemed to cause migraines and flashing lights

I have worn contacts everyday for years (acuvue) without any problems. A relative recommended this site and I decided to try the Focus Dailies. I have worn them 3 times (not consecutive days) and each time I have had to take them out as they end up uncomfortable and if I am not quick enough it leads to a migraine. The packaging and ease of use are fine, hence 2 stars but for wearability I must give a zero. I cannot overall recommend these and am throwing out the box as I cannot take the risk of a migraine. :-(

By from France on 27.07.2012 13:32

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I get the feeling different contact lenses are comfortable for different people, dont assume one well reviewed lens will be for you. however I tried a few different lenses from specsavers, then acuvue, nothing was comfortable and they all seemed to dry quickly. these have been the easiest to put in, the most comfortable and have stayed moist for longer, although I still need to use eye drops after 5-6 hours, Im guessing thats just all me.

By from London, uk on 21.06.2012 15:55

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Good Lenses, Great Service from site too

Quick delivery as promised, recommended. 10/10

By from London on 30.03.2012 06:42

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Great value for money

I have been using these lenses for about a year. I can say from personal experience they are excellent lenses for the money. After wearing them for 12 hours my eyes start to get a bit dry, but for going out, working jobs and busy activities these are by far the best value lenses you can get.

By from Southampton on 18.02.2012 19:53

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Great Product, Great Service

This is the 2nd time I've ordered from the site and I've been very impressed both times. Delivery was free so I wasn't expecting my order to turn up very quickly, however it's turned up within 1-2 days on both occasions, even during the week between Christmas and New Year.
These lenses are also a good price considering I was paying a lot more for them via a high street opticians. Highly recommended!

By from London on 03.01.2012 13:28

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Why pay more?

I've been using Focus Dailies for over 5 years, after using Boots own brand. I wear them literally every day, and have not once had them 'break' in my eye - so I've no idea what the people who reckon they break are doing with them? Maybe they need to be a bit more careful when removing them?
I wear them from 7am till at least 11pm every day (and have regular eye checks) and rarely feel dry, or uncomfortable (only on the occasions when playing an Xbox for a prolonged period of time, when I forget to blink!!)
I've no idea why anyone would pay more when these do the job so well.

By from Bath UK on 31.12.2011 19:47

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Very Comfortable

Excellent lenses. I've had lots of trouble with lenses before so I decided to give Focus Dailies a try. Great vision all day, really comfortable.
Excellent delivery time too! Highly recommended!!!

By from London UK on 05.12.2011 19:46

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The best ones for me

I tried others as well, like the Proclear and Acuvue 1 day lenses but I found the Focus Dailies the most suitable for me. There might be some reasons for what different people feel good with different lenses, personally I didn't have any bad experiences with any of them, like breaking in my eyes, as I read happened to few people.
The service, from ordering to delivery is 5 stars as well.

By from London, UK on 17.11.2011 22:15

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